MANA Contracting & Safety Group Established Guiding Fundamentals that Prioritize How we do Business. Our Business Stands on the Core Values of Integrity, Trust, Accountability, Collaboration, Sustainability and Being Ever Forward.

Integrity: Inspiring admiration by accomplishing commitments on time, consistently doing things the right way, and meeting all expectations.
Trust: Developing value for long-term relationships.
Accountability: Developing a commitment to engagement. Providing reduced downtime and providing operational efficiency. Constantly pushing for operational excellence.
Collaboration: Working together as a team to ensure the best interest of our clients, trade partners, and employees by working on unified solutions.
Sustainability: Eliminating waste with business practices and operations, incorporating sustainability with production and environmental impacts.
Ever forward: Pursuing continuous improvement and generating visionary leadership through a culture of training, mentoring, innovation, and solutions.

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Behavior Base Safety

It is an individual’s responsibility toward the safety of their own and others by making safety a value in how they pre-plan their work area and perform their scope of work. We provide that training to our contractors to establish a stronger safety culture.



We strategically incorporate EHS into the processes and management, including each project lifecycle and teach our contractors the process.



Our EHS safety culture teaches engagement from management to team members to contribute to an actively risk-free environment.



We provide contractor employees the knowledge, skills and required behaviors to do their jobs safely.


Level Up Data

We capture and apply EHS data to influence and drive changes through observations and audits of real-time activities to develop results of trends for leading and lagging data, which may include improvement opportunities.



Our company has established EHS processes and goals to identify and mitigate risk in every scope of work and phase of a project for the contractors we work with.


Perpetual Improvement

We are committed to continuously improving an active safety culture through continued education, training, innovation and the application of lessons learned.