Environmental, Health & Safety Professional

Every contractor has a company culture, and every project has site specific requirements. MANA Contracting & Safety Group understands the constant requirements for safety professionals whether it is to help a company be compliant, or a contractor needs safety representation for a contract that has been awarded.

We understand safety professional needs are unique to each contractor and MANA CS Group has you covered with contract, temporary or permanent professionals for your need.

MANA CS Group can offer representation for Safety Director, Safety Manager, Safety Coordinator, and On-Site Safety Officer positions.

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Contractor Management

MANA Contracting and Safety Group creates value for our clients providing leverage with our knowledge, experience and lessons learned through managing new construction projects from stand-alone structure, new facility, an addition or extension, reconfiguration of existing space or a tenant build out for that contractor’s scope of work.

MANA contractor management professionals provide industry leadership, knowledge and expertise throughout the process for a successful construction experience.

If you are in need of a contractor manager for a project, temporary or permanent with technical skills, experience and knowledge, reach out to us to learn more on how we can help you with your contractor contract.

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Workforce Team

We have a professionally skilled, competent workforce with experience, knowledge, and credentials. A safe productive work environment and a risk-free project is achieved through accredited training and behavior base safety practices. MANA Contracting and Safety Group can help your contractor company, develop and strengthen a safety culture through the basic safety fundamentals.

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Safety Continuing Education Training Classes

MANA Contracting & Safety Group provides basic and advanced construction training that improves the safety culture of individuals, contractor companies and project specific safety.

Behavior Base Safety for Construction Workers improves our construction site safety and reduces jobsite and workplace hazards. A better safety culture improves efficiency and workers health. Our goal is to educate for risk free behavior and proper engineering for safety in the field.

Our instructors are certified outreach trainers for OSHA, National Safety Council, American Traffic Safety Services, ePro equipment training and more. See how we can help improve your company safety awareness through our training menu.

OSHA 1926 & 1910
10HR OSHA Construction
30HR OSHA Construction
1926 & 1910 Ladder Training
1926 Fall Protection
1926 Excavation/Trench
1926 Scaffold
1926 Confined Space
1926 Fire Watch
1926 Crystalline Silica

Competent Person Training

Project Manager Safety Factor Training
Fall Protection + Emergency Rescue Plan
Excavation/Trench + Emergency Rescue Plan
Confined Space + Emergency Rescue Plan
Rigger 1
Rigger 2

Additional Training
NSC CPR/First Aid
GHS/SDS (Global Harmonization System)
Equipment Training
• Terrain Forklift (LULL)
• Scissor Lift
• Boom/Aerial Lift
Earth Moving Equipment
EHS Risk Free Environment Safety

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